Here is my collection of illustrations, concept art, character designs and drawings. When you scroll past the images, you will find the videos of the game and animation projects I have worked on.


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Other artwork

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Take a look at my animation and game projects.

These projects were created during my studies at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.
Each semester we had to create an animation short or a prototype game concerning a certain subject.

2D Animations with Flash


Three Corners - a documentary point and click adventure

"Three Corners" is a student project created for the bachelor thesis in digital media at the "h-da".
Its creators are Paul Nasdalack, Sidney Chagas and Alexa Paultre.

This protoype is an "immersive documentary" because it narrates the facts which happened during the war in former Yugoslavia from 1991 till 1999 and it includes the player as part of the narrative.
Paul: Coding, Modeling, 2D on 3D projection technique
Sidney and Alexa: Animation, Character Design, Environment Design, Storyboard, Graphic

Totem Trouble - a 2D side-scroller hack 'n slay game

Game description:
You celebrate in a Mayan town with gift offerings to the God of Groove.
But the wrong offering angers the deity and he threatens to destroy your home.
Fight him and save the day!

Isabel Muth: Environment Design, Story, Item Design, Assets Animation and Level Design
Marc Kobusch: Management, Coding, Assets Implementation
Alexa Paultre: Character Design, Character Animation, Shrine Design

Anatidaephobia - an animated short

Adam Bruno a young photographer sees himself confused between what's real and what's not real when he starts seeing ducks everywhere.

Story : Sidney Chagas and Alexa Paultre

Sidney Chagas:Animation, Character Design, Compositing
Shane O'neill:Animation, Compositing
Kristina Suvorova:Character Design, Coloring
Encarnación Vergara:Storyboard, Animation, Environment Design
Alexa Pautre:Animation, Environment Design
Marian Mierzwa-Hofmann:Sound Design

Gorby der Ghul - a 2D point and click adventure

My 3rd semester game project. A children's point and click adventure about a ghoul kid who is afraid of his first day of school.

Joana Almeida, Krstine Rippl, Tomás Martin and Alexa Paultre
My responsibilities:
Environment Design, Character Design: Gorby, Mrs. Medusa, and Devilboy, parts of the animation, game setup and scripting in the Wintermute Engine
This game was developed with the Wintermute Engine.